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accountnow Reviews

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  • dispute

    July 09,2014. Loaded two money packs to my card one for $500 and one for the amount $430. I went tokKroger on flat shores parkway and purchased a money order for$8.30 and got $90 cash back making my total be $99. I got home and check my card it said available balance. .04 cent. They took my other $831.00. I'm filing a dispute for the amount of $831.00. A unauthorized transaction I didn't make $831. Last four of card 0018. Last four of ss.2223. My name nakethia Jackson. Phone# 678-914-5564. Signed:nakethia Jackson 07/09/2014. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • account blocked

    I have 3 unauthorized transactions ($750 ) that took place out of state... I opened up a dispute and emailed my claim form... and im told it could take up to 60 days to get a credit back. Wtf!!! NOW WAY! oh... then they tell me they are sending me a new card coz my original account has been closed, no access to my money that is still in there, which will take 7-10 business days. I tell them I need it expedited and they still want to charge me a $25 expedite fee!!! DONT EVER USE THIS ACCOUNT!!! Im definitely regretting ever trusting them with my money!!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    lrivera1002's Picture   lrivera1002    2 Comments   Comments
  • no access to funds!!!!

    I opened this account for one reason only; to get away from banks. i needed a simple prepaid account and i remembered this company sent me a card a while back which i tossed of course. So without reviewing the company, i just decided to open up an account. i did think the fees were a bit steep, but i just needed something temporary until i can find a more permanent place to put my money. So for now this place seemed okay. That's where i went wrong! So i signed up earlier in July 13' and was waiting for my card in the mail. it was around payday and i decided i need my routing and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    seanrivers82's Picture   seanrivers82    0 Comments   Comments
  • login

    Can't login to my account since they changed the way to login. My husband and I are retired. Social Secutity is only income we have and it is direct deposited to the account now account. I can't even find out if we even have any money. I have called and was told everything was ok and I should be able to login. Was told to try again and call back if I still can't login. I try it still doesn't work. called again and was told the very same thing. Thats all I could ever get out of them. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • locked

    I called customer service to report the card they sent me had not arrived. all they had to do was cancelled the mailed card and send a new one. Instead the person locked my current card. The agent was out of the country. His english was garbled obviously east indian ocean location. I also reported that the website was not letting me into my account even after I followed new procedures and it was deleting one piece of information everytime I hit the continue button. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Locked out of my account

    I've been a loyal customer for 2 yrs now with no complaints, I recently had my tax refund deposited into my account and was able to use it for 2 days.. on the 3rd day my account was locked and I'm unable to access my funds! I was instructed to send ssc, dl, and proof of address but had no results.. Now I can't even log onto my account customer service will not answer me, every dime I have to my name is in that account and today is my daughters 5th birthday.. All I can say is gee thanks, you just lost a loyal long time customer!! not that you care obviously and it shows with... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    jsphjones79's Picture   jsphjones79    0 Comments   Comments
  • Fraud

    I am having a similiar issue with accountnow. I was supposed to recieve my refund two Weeks ago through my tax reparer. Come to find out that my funds were routed to a different account and routing number that belongs to account now. I didn't even know this bank existed until last week. Now they are saying that i have 36 dollars left on my tax return that did not go to me. So someone is spending my refund money. I think the best thing for everyone to do who has been ripped off because of account now is to go file a police report. Give them all of the banks information because this bank... More...
    (Legal Services)
    crystal999's Picture   crystal999    1 Comments   Comments
  • Account Now Restricting My Account and Giving The Run Around

    My name is Michael Daniels and I have an Account Now Visa card. I had our (my wife and I) tax refund direct deposited to my card and first of all the refund was late. We called Jackson Hewitt and they informed us that it was received by Account Now at 8:00 a.m. on February 26, 2013, but the funds didn't show up on the card until 6:00 a.m. on February 28, 2013. We went about the usual business of catching up on past due bills and much needed shopping for our household. On that same afternoon, my card was declined when I tried to make a purchase at the local Wal Mart. I immediately... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    mjd316's Picture   mjd316    0 Comments   Comments
  • Tax Refund

    According to the IRS, my federal tax refund (a portion) was sent to Account Now on 1/27/13. To date, I have not received my money. The other portion of my refund was received by my other bank on 1/26/13. I have tried calling several times, only to be placed on hold for 50 minutes then hung up on. I need to have this resolved asap because I am in need of my refund.How much longer do I have to wait? More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Account now....closes accounts and holds funds

    DO NOT USE THIS CO> EVER!!!!!!! I called a rep yesterday to ask about card. Because i did not have my card in my hand she closed my account. I had informed her that card was in my home and i had to locate it which i did later that night. Account was flagged as lost /stolen and now they still have my money and wont return it. Said i have to wait they cant moneygram it nothing. As a result my children and i will now be homeless. They tell me i must wait for new card to arrive in 5 to 7 days. It is a disgrace that they can do this. Let me ask ....what is the address for the cardboard box... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Account Now Card

    DO NOT i repeat Do not use this card as an option for any kind of direct deposit. I used it for my tax refund and boy I tell you they have caused me so much distress with my own money. Not only do they impose all the ridiculous fees but also tell you how much money you can access and where. I am truly disgusted. The customer service lady even told me a bold face lie when I confronted her about their terms and agreements which should have allowed me a higher advanced but she was dumfounded on purpose. Never again!!!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Boobaby's Picture   Boobaby    1 Comments   Comments
  • the worst company ever

    This is the worst company i ever known they have lost me as customer they put a hold aon my account saying it was restricted how the hell u restrict someone from there own danm money i cant understand that then i had to fax documents in id ssc card an proof of address sum bullshit i been a customer over 2 years hell i even have my job direct deposit to this card they have lost my business as of this day i wish i can sue these people they incovenience the hell out of me im still waiting for them to realease my money More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    niya's Picture   niya    0 Comments   Comments
  • Closed account/ funds missing

    I filed a dispute with accountnow about someone using my debit card. I called the Representative on Feb 11th 2013 and they told me to fax in some information. I faxed in the information but the claim was processed so i called back on Wednesday and a femal representative told me that i have to sign additional paper work. After the paper work was signed on Wednesday Feb 13th, on Thursday my account was suddently closed. They never gave me any information and no one knows where my money is. I called them numerous times and they told me they cannot release any information. my name is Chris... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • pay check

    My c information was stolen and I was told by accountnow that I needed my original id and social security card before they issue me another one. I asked why and they because they needed it a year ago. Why would they wait til I get paid, have my stuff stolen then tell me when I report it when they should have done this a year ago? They are illegally holding my paycheck and if they don't send me another card or send my paycheck back to the company or mail a check to me then I am going to sue!!! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • account now.........all of it

    it is all crap!!!! sign u for text alerts....balance is always 0.00. I have NEVER had an account where my DIRECT DEPOSIT was NOT available at midnight. I am reading these reviews freaking out hoping that my paycheck comes soon. I am so very frustrated right now because I did get a txt yesterday saying my check would be available on 10-19-2012.......well its 10-19-2012 and guess what NO FUNDS are there. Do not waste your time with this card. Netspend is a much better service AND you get your check THE SAME DAY THEY RECEIVE FOR REAL. Account now claims to do that but its a load of s**t. Rush... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    dduh08's Picture   dduh08    0 Comments   Comments
  • Great convenience horrible service

    My husband and I had been in a tight spot and being able to have a card to have his VA benefits deposited to was wonderful. But, within a month of having the card there were problems. Every time I would call the service technicians did all they could to avoid helping me while saying things like"I can understand your frustration" and "I wish there was something I could do." They also would pretend to call up the account's records but I know they did not because they would insist on speaking with my husband for permission to talk to me, when we opened the account... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    spankey's Picture   spankey    0 Comments   Comments
  • unauthorized charge

    I had cancelled a trial with a company and they were not supposed to take money out of my account. Account now let the charge go through on a weekend when I had no access to any of my other accounts. When I called, first my husband had to give them permission to speak with me as it is in his name. They never made a record of this and after 5 calls he had given them permission 5 times. I was told that they could not reverse the charge although I had sent them my documentation. I would ask to speak to a supervisor they would put me on hold for 15 minutes then the phone would hang up. I... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • refuseing to return money

    i had lost my credit card i called over and over to a number that i cant reach because they ask you your credit card number in the automated system. and this is for reporting lost or stolen cards. now being i do not have this i could not report it lost so i dug and found an email which they was not responding so i gone to BBB and found they have many numbers not listed for customers! and i called they said send your billing info with address on it an did and social to this number 605-988-3346so i did the next day i get an email saying to send the same info to 925-217-0052 so i called and... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • Just lost a long time customer

    Accountnow is rude and unprofessional. They act as if you are there only option. I have have them since 2006 off and on. Customer Service is the worst. You get a different answer every time you call. If there is a problem there is no branch to walk in to. They take way to long to resolve disputes. I had to order another card first the sent it to the wrong address. After I told the rep the new one. Then still tried to charge me for the card i never got $10. After I complained they told me they would credit it as a one time curtsey as if I was the one who messed up. Then mailed me another... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    icu2012's Picture   icu2012    3 Comments   Comments
  • False Advertisement-Lying to Customers

    I received a text about a month ago stating local ATM's in side 7-Elevens are free. I went online to see if/where these were in my area and there were about 7, I used the two closest to my home just recently and guess what.........I was charged!!! I called to get this cleared up, the rep replied that they do not pay ATM service fees so I read to her what the screen had said about how I would not be charged fees and even read the finr print to her. She insisted I was wrong and she didnt see that screen fromm her end. I then asked for a supervisor who said that I went to the wrong... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Avi123's Picture   Avi123    1 Comments   Comments

    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
  • bullshit

    Ihad the worths experience with account now there sach a day i decided to use this cards to get refound from irs make sure i called costumer service...the agent said yes u can do it ....she gave the routing number n account number....i went with my taxprayer she did everything be short this motherfuckers closed my account they did Not even tell i called back managers from costumer Services they so ir them told me yes i reopen ur account 2 hours later i called back n said no your account its more info for u that was all i... More...
    william1985's Picture   william1985    1 Comments   Comments

    Hello, my name is Bryan Coleman and I had my tax refund added on my Account now card. My refund came on 2/8/2012 and I went to the ATM and they said my card was restricted. So I called Account Now to see what the problem was and they said my birthdate didnt match. So I told them my whole name, SSN, and MY birthdate and they said everything matched but my birthdate. So they said fax us a copy of your I.D. and SSN and I have sent 30 copies in the past day and they keep saying they have not recieved them. I gave them the fax # they gave me to make sure it was right and they said yes. So my... More...

    Have you ever had to pay to put money into your account, well you will with AccountNow..When you draw money out of your account you will pay, then you will pay a monthly service fee. Try to close it. It won't happen. They tell you you cannot, especially if you have a 1 dollar balance. This is absolutely a ripoff deal. DO NOT get into it. I am writing them a letter and putting my cut up card in the letter as they do not get it. The people on the phone tell you you cannot close this account. More...
    axel's Picture   axel    1 Comments   Comments
  • fraudulent account

    Someone opened an account and electronically filed a tax return for 2009 using my personal information with Account Now. The thief was able to close the account to zero balance and now I am trying to gather information and dispute to the IRS that the account was open without my authorization. I have been getting the run around having to send multiple affidavits and documentation resulting in the response from the IRS is that they deposited the money into the Account Now account under my name. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I need help... Thank you in advance! More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    benandlay's Picture   benandlay    0 Comments   Comments
  • Account Now are thieves!

    Anyone want to file a class action suit? On June 28, 2010 there was a card to card transfer (debit) for $150. I have been out of the country and after getting my daily email with the account balance, I noticed it said, "$14.00. I immediately called from China only to be informed that they had no way to trace who took the money out of the account and that my account would be closed and they would keep the remaining $14. Not only did someone steal my money and they didn’t care, but they closed my account and kept the balance. I got transferred finally to the Dispute... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    BoydB's Picture   BoydB    5 Comments   Comments
  • scam

    First I would like to say Account Now is a total FRAUD.You should not do business with them ! Some kind of way someone got access to my card information and my address and my personal info.and used 275.00 out of my account when I called account now to depute the charge they said that yhe money was used to purchase a web gift card .Whatever thats supposed to be.They needed me to sign and notarize a statement that I had nothing to do with the charge I did all that they asked of me . And then the games began now there saying that someone used the money to rent a utility truck in Arizona I... More...
    (Legal Services)
    JGRAHAM1135's Picture   JGRAHAM1135    6 Comments   Comments
  • AccountNow SCAMMED me and my husband!

    On Jan. 29, 2010 both of our Federal returns were deposited into my my account. They closed the account telling me that I participated in an illegal deposit! They then told me that both of our refunds were sent back to the IRS. We contacted the IRS and they told us that they have NOT returned the deposits!!! I am VERY fed-up with AccountNow. I will never do business with them again. It's been over 2 weeks now and guess what - ACCOUNTNOW is making a million dollars + just on the INTEREST alone sitting in THEIR account. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    animinia's Picture   animinia    2 Comments   Comments

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anisescott says: (1 year ago)
Account now has frozen? Card or of the blue saying I need to provide proof of identity. No problem. I send in a copy of my id, social security card, and 1040 and they still have not released my money. After sending in my documents more than 6 times I don't know what else to do.

screwaccountnow1908 says: (2 years ago)
I have faxed in the copy of my state id and it has been more than three days i know they have it and my account still is blocked. Accountnow better get ready because i am going to sue them for mental anguish due to my account being blocked for NO REASON at all.

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